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Spicy Chicken Skillet Meal

Coming home from a long day of teaching to a hungry family usually means I stop at the drive through on the way home. However, like many I am working on the, “new year new me,” motto and trying to feed both my family and myself healthier. I thought about what was currently in stockContinue reading “Spicy Chicken Skillet Meal”

Gingerbread Engineering

My students’ eyes are drifting to the softly falling snow outside our classroom window with visions of Christmas presents and treats in their eyes. Learning about engineering and sustainability are the absolute last things on their minds. So out I set to create something to catch their attention and tickle their taste buds resulting inContinue reading “Gingerbread Engineering”

Christmas Toy Creator

The countdown is on! 3 school weeks, 3 shopping weekends, and EXACTLY 25 days until Santa makes his yearly voyage across the world and into the homes of so many sweet children. If you are like me these three weeks are the LONGEST weeks of the school year. The students are excited for all ofContinue reading “Christmas Toy Creator”

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